The Ganz

The Ganz wagons were equipped with 4 electrical motors each of them having a power of 33 KW (about 44 hp). These engines functioning with DC and they gave to the railcar a maximum power of 132 KW (approximate 177 hp).

The Weitzer

The Weitzer-De-Dion-Bouton petrol electric railcar was the first European serially produced railcar. It was developed and constructed by the engineers from the Johann Weitzer factory from Arad.

The route

The Arad line – Podgoria leaves from the center of Arad with the station located about 700 meters from the central station of the city.

Arad – Podgoria SA Railway

According to some sources, there have been thoughts about building a railroad to connect the town of Arad to the county’s hill region even before the year 1900.