Ghioroc tram museum

Leave the A1 motorway in Arad and go east on National Road 7 towards Deva. At Sâmbăteni leave the main road NR 7 and follow the Ghioroc indicator. The Museum is located at the enterance of Ghioroc city on the left side after the passage over the Arad – Deva railroad.

Opening date: 25.09.2006

In 2006, at the 100th anniversary of the Arad – Podgoria line, the Arad Public Transport Company, which currently owns and exploits the historical line, has opened a museum, inside the old Ghioroc depot, dedicated to urban and suburban transport in the Arad County.


The colection includes a Ganz 1913 railcar restored in 1995 by the Astra Vagoane  Calatori factory from Arad and also the first benzo-electric Johann Weitzer railcar that ever circulated on the Arad – Podgoria line în 1906. This was modified as a wagon trailer in 1913 and it was restored as well in 1995.

Inside the museum you can see trams that circulated on the streets of Arad over the last 100 years and also freight wagons used for goods transport before 1990.

The former recovery station of the line Arad-Podgoria was rebuilt and can be visited as well. In the middle of the exhibition it is an old converter that used to run on mercury vapors. This was installed in 1936 and functioned till the line was closed in 1991.