The route

Arad - Podgoria railway route

The Arad line – Podgoria leaves from the center of Arad with the station located about 700 meters from the central station of the city.

Over the years, the place from which the Green Arrow started has been so well-knit in the conscience of the locals that until now almost no one knows the official name of the market (which is actually the Piata Drapelului/ Flag Square). On the other hand, everybody knows about the “Podgoria Square” or about the “The Electrical Railway station” if you ask elderly locals from Arad! Both names have clear connections to the history of the famous train.

By a total length of 58,3 kilometers, the Green Arrow’s rail was running parallel to the main railway for about 20 kilometers across the Mures Valley having the advantage of crossing right through the middle of the localities it binds. Some sources of time indicate that in the beginning the train had 15 stations and 20 stops.

From Arad, the “Arrow” passed through Vladimirescu, Mândruloc, Cicir, Sâmbăteni and then turned toward the hills where it stopped at Ghioroc. It was a total of 22.3 kilometers that was covered in about an hour.

From Ghioroc the line split and went “under the hill” to the north 22,2 kilometers to Pâncota, and to the south 13,9 kilometers to Radna. Between Ghioroc and Pâncota the “Green Arrow” traveled also about an hour via Covăsânț, Șiria, Galșa and Mișca localities. The route to Radna passed through Miniș, Păuliș and Barațca localities and was completed in only about 40 minutes.

Daily, 10 to 11 pairs of trains circulated on the Green Arrow route. Between the World Wars the trains that circulated on the Arad – Ghioroc route were numbered from 1 to 11, those that circulated from Ghioroc to Pâncota had numbers from 101 to 111 and those from Ghioroc to Radna from 201 to 211.

Although it passed through the center of the communities, being like a tram from this point of view, “The Green Arrow” wasn’t at all like one, according to its time table. Between the World Wars the trains arrived at stations with a frequency of between 2 hours and a half and four hours.